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Aircraft Registration & Management


Get a Maltese aircraft registration.

Our experienced team will assist you with your Maltese flag aircraft registration.  We can assist you with the application process for your aircraft registration with the Maltese Civil Aviation Department as well as being the local agent for the aircraft owner.

DC Aviation can help woith your aircraft registration under the Maltese Flag as follows:

Information entered in the National Aircraft Register:

Mandatory entries in the register:

The physical details of the aircraft and the engines attached to the aircraft and any replacement engines owned by the registrant to the extent they are designated for use on the aircraft;

The name and address of the registrant in what capacity the registrant has registered the aircraft;

The details of any mortgages registered over the aircraft and subsequently all registrable transactions relating to the mortgages;

The details of any irrevocable de-registration power of attorney, or other power of attorney granted to an owner or to a lessor of an aircraft or granted by way of security to the mortgagee, or to a third party, granting powers relating to the exercise of rights relating to the aircraft, or to the closure of the register on behalf of the registrant.

Permitted entries in the Malta aircraft register:

The ownership rights in the aircraft or an engine including when held by a trustee, by one or more owners, divided into fractional shares, or held under an agreement with reservation of ownership rights or under conditions affecting title;

The lessee / lessor rights in relation to the aircraft or an engine;

The details of the resident agent where the registrant is an international registrant;

Information on any international interest registered in the International Registry, and the debtor thereof;

Any charge or reservation of ownership rights or lessee rights prior to the registration of a mortgage.

Security registrable in the National Aircraft Register:

A mortgage; 

Prior to the registration of a mortgage - 
any creditor may register his privilege or charge on any part, appurtenance or accessory of an aircraft 
a seller reserving ownership rights on an aircraft or on any part thereof, may register his interest in the register of the aircraft; 
a lessee having rights to an aircraft or any part thereof.

Aircraft Registration

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